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Mrs. Ranee Ratnayake’s Presentation on “3 Key points entrepreneurs must recognize on the road to success”

A participant comments…

It was indeed an honour to be a guest of Mr. Fayaz Saleem (President Emeritus of TMC Sri Lanka) at The 10th Members Speak Management Club meet-up hosted at the Galadari Hotel Colombo. The evening was enclosed with a warm reception, fellowship and refreshments. With the core premise of “3 Key points entrepreneurs must recognize on the road to success”.

The guest speaker Mrs. Ranee Ratnayeke with over 30 years of experience in business had worked her way from optometry and has become a successful entrepreneur in Sri Lanka. Ranee’s presentation was insightful and engaging, elements that make up for a great presentation.

Ranee took to addressing vital issues of entrepreneurship like

The difference between entrepreneurs and Innopreneurs? Where do you want to go? Understanding your potential, Finding good mentors and partners, Tips that help you get funding from banks and venture capitalists and Why Angel Investors only find a handful of individuals to fund.

The 3 key points shared were

1. Your USP must contain the solution to a problem

It is not good enough to have a good idea. Your idea should solve a problem in the marketplace/society. Alluding to the success stories of, IKEA, Dell and domestic initiatives like Janet Ayurveda, Pick me and Kapruka.

2. The Critical Mindset

Be critical in all that you do (not criticizing) and pay close attention to the details

3. Knowledge is Power

Have deep domain expertise in your field. Make learning a habit and a continuous process to understand how things go.

Ranee’s Book Recommendation “The Obvious” – Everything you need to know to succeed by James Dale

The staff at the Galadari Hotel Colombowas tireless in their pursuit to serve and accommodate the guests at every step of the way.

Platforms like TMC Sri Lanka have and continue to bring together professional managers of varying disciplines to one forum. So that they can meet, greet, interact and network. Refining their skills and becoming better professional managers of Sri Lanka.

Looking forward to the next

Vidhu Jayawardene – ACIM, DIM (UK), SMM (USA), Google Partner
Founder – Ripples Digital and Social Media Marketing

Speaker Mrs. Ranee Ratnayake

Thursday July 19, 2018

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