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Nadim Majeed speaks on integrity in business at Members Speak

NADIM Majeed provided for an engaging discussion on 20 September at the TMC Members Speak series with his presentation on Business Integrity, the emerging trends of integrity in business globally and the role of corporate Sri Lanka as a voice against corruption. Opening with a few quips on accountability or the lack thereof among politicians espousing anti-corruption messages, Majeed proceeded to outline a sixstep process for ensuring business integrity, namely: Commit, Assess, Plan, Act, Monitor and Report.

Important guidelines and resources were provided for the TMC members, which they in turn could use to promote business integrity in their companies. In the ensuing Q&A session the TMC members posed questions on practical realities and systemic issues in the current business environment in the country. The speaker highlighted the fact that changing the status quo is of paramount importance and that if this change is to be meaningful it should come from within the business community itself in partnership with consumers and civil society.

Majeed also highlighted the fact that business integrity is an essential component of radical transparency, one of the three big trends driving the corporate sustainability agenda.

Speaker Mr. Nadim Majeed

BOM Treasurer Mr. Yoshan Fernando giving the vote of thanks

Monday October 01, 2018

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